Welcome to Jazz Club "Mr.Kenny's" !

Open: 6:00pm / Show Time: 7:30pm~ 

Tel: 052-881-1555

Place: 2F Michiru Bld. 5-1-5 Kanayama Naka Nagoya JAPAN

Mail: mrkennys.kuratani@gmail.com  



Katarina(Miho) ajuda em Português. Fale com Katarina(Miho) no twitter!


We charge ①Survice Charge (\500 per person)

                  ②Music Charge (Check the schedule page)

                  ③Your Food and Drink.

We cannot accept any credit cards or foreign currencies, Japanese Yen only. Thank you.

Come and Join Us!

We always serve you good food and drinks, and good music!

Check our schedule and find your favorite band! And just feel free to join us!

You can also enjoy our Jam Session! Bring your instruments!

If you have any further question, contact us anytime!

English and Portuguese speaking staff are available!